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Online Roulette Bets

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games, over the years, you have tried to create lots of different ways to maximize your chances of winning. With various mathematical formulas, probability theory and even mechanical calculations around the roulette wheel design, many attempts have been made to outwit the casino. In fact, roulette is a randomly generated game, designed to make the house profit. However, this does not mean that as a player you do not have good chances to win as roulette is a generous game with many different ways to bet.

An experienced player knows that many streams are better than a big river - that is, in roulette it is the win that wins and in the long run you will have more chances to go from the table with extra money in your pocket if you play on fields with flames odds. Betting on even / uneven numbers or if the ball ends up on red or black gives only double the bet back but through several repeated wins you will soon come up in large sums. As with any other casino game, you stop playing in time. It may be good to already decide in advance what sums you can spend or, if you have the luck on your side, when you have to settle for and leave the table.

There are several ways to bet on roulette and you divide the bets into inside and outside bets. The categories have got their names along the way the green carpet looks, the so-called layout. In the middle of the layout you see the numbers from 0 to 36 and around these there are another six squares and one row below with 3-6 fields. To place an inside bet, simply place your bet on one or more numbers that you want to play on. It is possible to play inside bets like single, split, street, corner, trio or other combinations of numbers that are close together on the layout.

In roulette, a single gives 37 times the money. A split,if you bet on two numbers, gives 17 times the money and street returns 11. The more numbers or larger the combination you bet on, the lower the refund but your chances of winning will be increased. You add one outside bet to the surrounding game fields that are not numbers. There you can play on even or uneven numbers, if the ball lands on red or black field, or if the profit figure becomes low (1-18) or high (19-36). All of these bets return double the money but are also a much safer bet to make since you have almost 50% chance of winning.

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